3 Tips For “Come”!

3 Tips For “Come”!

Many dogs are troubling with coming when called. There are so many things they find interesting- read below to see how that can be an advantage for you. We’ve got the tips you need to get your dog to listen and run to you on cue! You’ll be feeling ease and pride by the end of this training. Let’s get to those 3 tips!

1. Practice inside first! Practicing without distractions will help your dog have several successes in a row. Once they understand what you’re asking them, then start calling them to come from further away. Starting with a few more feet and moving to different rooms. Game time: place your dog in a Stay in the kitchen, go hide in a back bedroom behind a door so you can see them through the crack, say their name and call them to Come! If they have tried for more than ten seconds then make a little noise or call Come again! Once they find you laugh, holler and enjoy the fun with your dog! The enjoyment is the reinforcement here! If your dog doesn’t think it was that fun, then use kibble or toys as rewards for a while longer.

2. Practice on a long line outside. There are more distractions outside. Let them wander around for a while before starting the training games. Keeping them on a long leash will ensure they can’t ignore you! Call them to Come and reward! Repeat.

3. Release to a life reward. Let them go have some fun in between repetitions. Life rewards are things that they enjoy in real time, such as getting to sniff mailboxes and bushes or getting to greet people and other dogs. Find your dog’s favorite life rewards and use them to your advantage after you’ve called your dog to come!

These simple steps will make a world of difference in your life with your dog. We’d love to hear your story! Share below or email us at lauren@happyhoundsandbeyond.com



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