3 Tips for Peace During the Holidays

The holidays are so wonderful.. to most of us! Our dog’s behaviors can cause us some grief and anxiety when thinking of having visitors and even when staying home and cooking – did the dog steal the meal AGAIN?! Let’s look at 3 simple tips to make your house more peaceful this holiday season!

1.Set your dog up to succeed! That may mean practicing greetings at the door or if your dog bolts out of open doors then keeping them either in a crate or closed room when visitors arrive will be best. The more they practice good behaviors the more they will offer those good behaviors! It works in reverse, too, which is why it’s so important to set up success at every corner.

2. Praise them every time they’re doing what they’re supposed to. If they are lying down on their bed quietly, then praise! If they’re sitting in the living room when you’re cooking – rather than jumping on the counters – praise!! Remember the above about success? This goes hand in hand.

3. Prepare ahead. Start practicing what your family is expecting this holiday. Expecting doors to open and close constantly? Or food to be left on tables that your dog can reach? The Stay and Leave It cues are perfect for those two situations. The more you can practice now, the better your dog will be able to perform in the thick of the events!

You’ve got this, my friends. And if you’re in over your head then call me about the Holiday Prep Program!
Asking for help can be your first step to more peace this holiday season.

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