Out on the Town! 4 Tips To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior.

Have you ever taken your dog to an outdoor eatery? Were you pleased with the way your dog acted? Let’s talk about some ways to improve your next experience!

Bring a mat for your dog to practice down stays while you are enjoying your meal. Toss a treat on the mat periodically for rewards.

Set your dog up to succeed! Success has a lot to do with the environment. If it is a busy place that you are visiting then request a quiet area to be seated. Your dog will have a better attention span with the distractions further away.

Stuffed Kongs will be your new master tool! Bring a frozen peanut butter or yogurt Kong for your outdoor dining to give your dog an incentive to stay put. This will also show your dog that it pays to stay put when you request a down stay!

Giving your dog a break every now and then will help relieve stress for your canine pal. Offering a sniff and potty break will be a necessary step in this process. You can eventually work up to fido staying for your whole visit, but think of your dog’s attention span and excitability while you are working towards this!


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