Training Programs


Behavior Assessment

Does your dog have anxiety, fear or aggression? We help dogs like yours all the time! We’ll start with a behavior assessment. We will discuss your dog’s behavior in depth, what your needs are for your dog, your dog’s history and practice cues that will lead them in the right direction. It is 90 to 120 minutes in length and will be held in your home with you & your dog present. We’ll review their behavior history, exercise routine, among other important factors. After the assessment  we will email you an overview of the history and plans of the initial session. This assessment acts as a consult to gather all necessary information to insure you and your dog will be given the correct training and techniques to address your dog’s case. Foundation cues, immediate actions and management techniques are all taught during this assessment! This is a huge value!

Home Manners

Is your dog ignoring and embarrassing you? We know how frustrating that can be! We’ll teach your dog the skills they need to listen to you and it’ll have you feeling the ease and joy of having a dog again! Imagine your dog coming when called, going potty OUTSIDE and walking next to you instead of dragging you! Yes, we really make this happen for dog owners just like you. This is the program for you whether you have a brand new puppy or seasoned adult; we customize every program to your needs!

Mastering Manners

Is your dog jumping on visitors, barking at the doorbell or dragging you on leash? OR, do you want to PREVENT these things?? I feel your pain, frustration and aggravation! Let’s get your dog started on the right track to success and great manners for your family’s sake! In the Mastering Manners Program we take your dog from disorderly and going crazy to calm, respectful and obedient. They may have been pulling on leash so hard that your arm is sore for 3 days or jumping on visitors so much that you don’t invite anyone over anymore. With our help your dog can be politely greeting visitors, walking next to you on walks and so much more. This is our best program for people who want their dogs to be easy and enjoyable! We’ll walk you through the steps to get your dog there with all the support along the way. This is a five month program that will lead your dog to be more mannerly than you think they can be. This program has in home hourly sessions, group workshops to work on focusing in the face of distractions, unlimited cues and problem behaviors covered, our leash skills video, CGC certification by end of program AND lifetime support. Call us today to discuss your dog and goals!

Total Success

Are you sick of feeling like you have to be on edge with your dog all the time.. in fear and frustration that they’ll potty in the house, rip up your couch or jump on the counters to eat the dinner you just took hours creating..again? Or even just tired of having your arm yanked on walks, making it miserable and avoidable? We have heard your pains and know just how to fix them! Our total Success Program will take your dog from unruly and disobedient to respectful, calm and polite! Imagine being on a PEACEFUL walk with your dog, no pulling or barking, they sit to greet people and beyond that- they actually go to their bed when visitors come, the doorbell rings and when you are cooking dinner! Even more, we come in to take care of your doggie duties FOR YOU while you’re working or taking care or errands. It’s a miracle! Do you wish it was you already? Let’s get started. We can spend all of your sessions on manners and obedience- from beginner to advance – CGC certification by end of program, or we can introduce trick titling and show you how and why it’s so useful for families and their dogs! Just send me an email or call now to see how we customize EVERY program to your needs; that’s the beauty of one on one sessions – it’s adapted to your family’s lifestyle and needs with your dog. Simple, Secure, Quick and At Your Fingertips!

Advancing Manners

Are you ready to take your dog’s skills to the next level? We’ll show you that you CAN have more peace and joy with your dog by advancing their manners! They’ll fine tune their leash skills, learn to stay in your yard off leash, come when called and LISTEN to you in the face of distractions. Yes, really. This program is split by session in your home and session at different parks to develop the skills needed to listen in the face of distractions. You’ll be blowing away onlookers and neighbors as they wish their dog listened as well as yours! Imagine the freedom, respect and joy you’ll feel when your dog can do all of this and more. 4 sessions at your home and 4 sessions at parks, 2 group workshops and 1 online video training. This is a special program and rate only for those of you that have worked with us in the past. Call us to schedule your first advanced session.

ADD Day Trains or Day Plays. Value of adding these services? Day trains give you more ease and peace of mind, knowing that the professionals have done the work for you that day and your dog will be closer to your goals! The Day Plays are similar in the peace of mind that we have done the work for you – that’s physical and mental training done during the day, leaving you to come home to a happy, tired dog!

Retrain The Brain

After a behavior assessment, a unique training plan is created. No two reactive cases are treated the same, as each dog has different needs. From reactive barking to fearful lunging or uncontrollable dog to dog or people interactions, we will create a program that will show you result driven techniques.

The Puppy 411

The puppy 411 program is an introduction to puppy-hood. Whether your a first time puppy owner or already have experience, this program will be sure to set you and your family up for success. Within this program we do a one hour in home visit with you and your family before you get your new puppy. We will go over any questions you may have as well as a detailed check list of things we recommend you have and do before bringing home your puppy. Such as- crate placement, diet, introduction to training, toys, potty schedule, exercise, puppy proofing and much more. Along with the one hour in home session this program also includes either a 30 minute Skype session or an additional one hour in home session once your puppy arrives.

Day Training

Don’t have the time or desire to train your dog like the professionals? We’ll come in and do the work FOR YOU. Whether you’re away at work or home taking care of chores, we will come do the training for you and leave your dog feeling fulfilled, happy and calm. That’s peace of mind for you, knowing that there’s one less thing on your to do list and the professionals are advancing your dogs skills! You’ll see much faster results and do less of the work. Call or email us today to sign your dog up.

Day Play

Does your dog chew up the house or bark all day? Or maybe even nudge you for attention for hours until you finally give in to go play ball.. We’ll make your day easier by coming to do the work FOR YOU. They’ll get an hour of personalized attention, exercise and training to fulfill their doggie needs and relieve you of harassment later in the day. We come to you to provide play sessions, exercise, brush up training, trick training, agility training, walks at the dog park, mind stimulation and more! Let us take care of the dog duties while you take care of the rest. You’ll come home to a happy, tired and sweet dog rather than a boisterous, noisy and energetic dog! Imagine all that you could do when your dog is tuckered out! What will YOU do with all that extra time? Call or email us today to get your dog’s first Day Play set up.


Not sure which program is best for you? Give us a call and we’ll help you choose.



“Lauren has an amazing talent helping people and dogs communicate.  My dog, Kira, and I have taken several classes and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal.  The force free methods have stayed with us years later. But, beyond teaching my dog obedience and fun tricks, I learned how to read my dog’s body language. Kira is my first dog, and this extra knowledge has been invaluable. I can’t recommend Happy Hounds and Beyond enough.”

-Erin R.



**Non-compliance with trainers instructions, or non-responsiveness to trainer’s requests, will result in termination of any agreement, and no refund for unused or remaining sessions will be provided.**

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