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A well mannered dog that fits into your lifestyle is a win for the entire family. At Happy Hounds And Beyond, our positive focus allows clients to experience real relief and concrete results with fun and modern methods that ultimately bring more structure and peace into their lives. Let the professionals take the leash for you to expedite your dog’s progress or continue with our guidance. Enjoy more of your dog and more of your life!

Look no further! You’ve come to the right place to get help with your dog’s behavior. Whether you’ve just gotten a puppy or your adult dog is acting aggressively, we are here to help! Dog behavior is complex. We will guide you through training your dog to be the lovely lad that you know he can be. You will be the one walking peacefully with your dog on a loose leash, opening the door without worrying if your dog is running off and even allowing visitors in without worrying if your dog may bite them! Always force-free and evidence-based, we know how to get results and deliver them. If you’re committed to your dog and are ready to reach your goals then give us a call to set up your appointment!

We specialize in three key areas of training. Helping you raise your puppy to be well mannered, Canine Good Citizen titling and helping dogs with reactivity, or barking and lunging at people and animals. See our Training Programs page above to learn more.

What clients are saying:


“Working with Lauren I have learned so much about how to understand what my reactive dog is telling me. She has such great energy it makes you want to keep working even when you have a frustrating session. Thanks for all you do to help Angus and I become the best for each other.”

-Eloise T.


“Lauren is an awesome trainer and very knowledgeable. I have attended her group classes as well as had one on one training with my pit bull Abraham. Her force free training method gets results!  I highly recommend Happy Hounds and Beyond to anyone who is having behavioral issues with their dog(s) or anyone who’s pup just needs to brush up on the basics.”

-Mary S.


Our Philosophy

We believe no animal should be trained out of fear. At Happy Hounds And Beyond we do not use or promote any aversive type training methods, such as pinch/choke/prong collars, electric shock or remote collars, electric fence use or bark collars. These types of training methods are associated with compulsive training techniques and do not represent Happy Hounds And Beyond in any way. EVERY animal deserves freedom from fear and we will show you just how to get your dog to listen without the use of coercion.


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